Extreme Impressionism by 
John Bradford Maccallum 

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         John Bradford MacCallum has been creating artwork for over 50 years. It has been a spiritual journey of creative evolution having his art mature.
        “ my artwork has been a great companion over the years. No matter where I am, up or down, my art was only a pencil away”

        While growing up
        on Prince Edward Island Canada from an early age of four John Bradford MacCallum was drawing cartoon figures ( eg Fred Flinstone, Bugs Bunny) I have been told. My mother was a great influence on me as a child with her drawing and creating things out of nothing in the kitchen of the old farmhouse in Marshfield PEI.
        From those early years art was a big part of my life through grad school, and high school. I ended up studied artwork at Beal Tech High school in London Ontario.
        For the most part of the 70’s were spent traveling and working. I even had a little stint on Miami Beach painting clowns for Interior decorators.
        In the 80’s I returned to PEI and started taking my artwork more serious by having a few art shows and to my amazement people started to buy my work.
        Then after many years of struggling along came confederation center of the arts.
        I was asked to participate in some activities and work with some renowned artists such as Armond Valencourt .then one then lead another and I became artist in resident at the centre from that point I started in on my life's most important work, the painting of ‘The Fathers of Confederation’ then D-Day for Veterans Affairs Canada and Charlottetown Conference followed by the Train . All large 10 x 15-foot paintings.
        After a five years campaign with the big painting I had enough and headed back out to the Oil fields of Alberta .and that is where I would stay for the next ten years working and painting .the art career was on hold. But once I returned to PEI my artwork roared back into me with a vengeance.
        Then one sunny day in a field painting, I was not getting what I wanted so I grabbed a palette knife and started slapping the paint on, through pure frustration, I had a found a new way of painting for myself. and that’s all she wrote . from that day on I haven’t touched a brush since
        its all palette knife on canvas.
        The great thing is I am still am caring on with my love of French Impression painting but now it's just the colors are much brighter and texture more pronounced.
        I have since come to understand that some people call this style of painting “ Extreme Impressionism or Intense Impressionism. And that’s where I am at today. - John Bradford MacCallum

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        John Bradford MacCallum

        Over Time

        John Bradford MacCallum's painting style has developed over many years, his latest work is heavily inspired by intense impressionism. He is a self-taught artist and has been painting since he was a young child. He is wowing the population with his work of oil paintings with pallete knife. After a hiatus, John Bradford MacCallum is back into the world offering his hand painted oil paintings with pallete knife.
        One of his most noted projects is a depiction of the Quebec Conference of 1864. Which is based on the painting Fathers of Confederation by Robert Harris. Whom of which had his painting destroyed by fire in the Houses of Parliament in Ottawa.
        John Bradford MacCallum has created many depictions of historical paintings in Canada.  John MacCallum has been creating art for over 50 years. It has been a spiritual journey of creative evolution having his art mature.

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