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I love the response I get from buyers of my paintings

“They are in love with my painting and they can look at it all day long”
This is a wonderful thing in my later years to be able to bring joy to people through my art.

Myself I love the way the color seems to explode off the canvas when I am painting them, and the texture seems to give it an authentic look.

You know it’s a one of a kind because its impossible to duplicate a palette knife swipe.
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Welcome to John Bradford MacCallum's Extreme Impressionism-
"My passion drives me to create exceptional oil paintings with a palette knife"

John Bradford MacCallum has created many depictions of historical paintings in Canada.  John Bradford MacCallum has been creating art for over 50 years. It has been a spiritual journey of creative evolution having his art mature.

John Bradford MacCallum is an artist who is highly skilled, well-experienced oil paintings with palette knife. Extreme Impressionism artist who has a shared passion for delivering exceptional art. John Bradford MacCallum loves painting and beautifying, and it shows in the level of quality and attention to detail that each project gets.

MacCallum lives in Canada and has worked on extreme impressionism historical paintings. He is known for his painting D-Day and Charlottetown Conference 1864.

John Bradford MacCallum, puts character in every oil painting with a palette knife, making sure that he has a full understanding of his vision for his art.

Extreme impressionism is characterized by bold and heavy strokes.

Canada has a rich history which makes for great inspiration. Learn More by going ABOUT ME
"Outdoor Painting"
'Ride to Remember' John Bradford MacCallum, Palette Knife Painting, Extreme Impressionism'